EDN Hot 100 products of 2017

EDN staff -December 07, 2017

It's time to recognize the year's top products, with EDN's annual Hot 100 products! These 100 products were selected by our editors, guided by their own judgment as well as reader interest.

What was hot in 2017? T&M equipment shows very strong, along with RF & Networking, bolstered by the push toward 5G. Advances in Microcontroller capabilities show no sign of flagging, and of course, everything needs Power. And be sure to brush up on the best in Analog, LEDs, Sensors, and Tools too! From GaN to SiC, simple discretes to machine learning, blinding LEDs to quiet power, precision analog to gigahertz RF, and IoT to drool-inducing lab gear, you’ll find it here.

Click on the categories below to browse pages for each, where you’ll be able to navigate to the original EDN coverage of each of the Hot 100 products of 2017.

Note: Find datasheets on products at Datasheets.com, searchable by category, part #, description, manufacturer, and more. And keep up with the latest product and tool updates on the EDN Products homepage.

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