Motion IC enables fine motor control

-December 02, 2017

The STSPIN820 from STMicroelectronics is a tiny motor driver chip that allows stepper-motor–based robots to operate smoothly and silently. With its high-speed inputs and precise micro-stepping algorithm, the device can turn a motor by a fraction of a degree to move a 3-D printer’s head at a speed of more than 500 mm/s with submicron precision. In addition to industrial robotics, the STSPIN820 can be used in laboratory automation systems and motor-driven medical equipment.

Housed in a 4×4-mm QFN package, the STSPIN820 contains both the control intelligence and fully protected power components for driving a motor. This precision controller has a resolution of 256 microsteps and operates from a supply voltage between 7 V and 45 V, simplifying design-in for a wide range of applications. Additionally, maximum output RMS current of 1.5 A satisfies various power and torque requirements. A dedicated standby pin allows the device to be put into low-power mode to minimize consumption in energy-conscious applications.

The STSPIN820 motor driver costs $1.25 each in lots of 1000 units.

STSPIN820 product page


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