Current/voltage source tests materials and circuits

-December 17, 2017

Offered in DC and AC/DC versions, the MeasureReady 155 from Lake Shore Cryotronics serves as a low-noise source of current or voltage in the lab. The 155 performs precision DC I-V and C-V curve measurements of novel materials and early-stage devices; AC impedance measurements; and resistance, magneto-resistance, and resistivity measurements.

The source generates just 200 nV RMS (1 µV pk-pk) of low-frequency noise and 7 µV RMS of higher-frequency noise in the 10 mV DC range without any external filters. It also provides low-noise DC performance without compromising AC bandwidth. DC output voltages range from 10 mV to 100 V; DC current ranges from 1 µA to 100 mA.

According to the manufacturer, the MeasureReady 155 is as easy to use as a smartphone. It sports an uncluttered touch display with a screen that can be tilted from 0° to 37° for viewing ease. Both triaxial and BNC output connectors are furnished on the rear panel, along with USB and LAN interfaces, a reference output, and digital I/O for trigger and control. A mobile app that comes with the source allows remote operation.

The DC version of the MeasureReady 155 source costs $2495; the AC/DC version costs $3995.

MeasureReady 155 product page

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