130 W boost modules sport high density and wide output range

-December 17, 2017

Two 130 W models join GE’s BoostLynx line of DC/DC boost converters that enable power conversion from 12 V to 54 V. These fully integrated modules, which join the existing 65 W models, require minimal board space and achieve a power density of approximately 125 W/in.2

Both BoostLynx modules are able to convert a standard 12 V bus voltage that supports an input voltage range of 8 V to 16 V to higher voltages ranging from 16 V to 34 V using GE’s ABXS005 converter or between 32 V and 54 V using the ABXS003 converter. Output voltage of each converter is programmable via an external resistor. They can be used to power any component with an operating voltage of 16 V to 54 V, including small-cell remote radio heads, RF power amplifiers, LED backlighting, solenoids and actuators in machinery and automation equipment, surveillance cameras, sensors, and robotics.

The nonisolated point-of-load converters operate over a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Dimensions for both the high-voltage ABXS003 and the low-voltage ABXS005 are 27.9×24×8.5 mm, and their flat-top inductors make them suitable for conduction cooling.

Prices for the ABXS003 and ABXS005 converters start at $25.03 and $23.39, respectively, in OEM quantities.

BoostLynx product page

GE Industrial Solutions, www.geindustrial.com

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