NFC sensor logs temperature data

-December 22, 2017

The AS39513 NFC smart sensor from ams operates from a thin printed battery, making it suitable for smart labels used in cold-chain monitoring. Integrating a digital sensor with an NFC front end, on-chip memory, temperature sensor, and data logger, the AS39513 accurately monitors the condition of assets, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare products in storage or in transit.

The part’s temperature sensor has a programmable temperature range with a default setting of −20°C to +55°C. Temperature sensor accuracy is to within ±0.5°C from −20°C to +10°C and ±1°C from −20°C to +55°C. In addition, the AS39513 can accept an analog input from an external sensor.

Powered by a 1.5 V single-cell or 3 V dual-cell battery, the AS39513 stores up to 1020 time-stamped sensor measurements. It reads over a range of a few centimeters with an NFC mobile phone, while an extended read range of 1 m to 2 m can be achieved when using dedicated ISO15693 readers. Drawing just 2 µA of standby current, the sensor autonomously logs temperature data for more than a year on a 30 mAh single-cell battery.

Offered as gold bumped die or in a chip-scale package, the AS39513 costs $1.19 each in lots of 5000 units.

AS39513 product page


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