Agilent’s DSO software ensures DDR4 compliance

-August 16, 2012

Compatible with Agilent Infiniium digital storage oscilloscopes, the N6462A compliance test application lets memory design engineers test, debug, and characterize their DDR4 designs. The software accelerates turn-on and debugging of DDR4 systems by automating the execution of physical-layer tests, including data jitter measurements.

DDR4 dynamic random-access memory technology enables higher bandwidth for data transfer than DDR3, while consuming less power. Engineers working on high-end computing applications can use the N6462A software to perform automated clock, electrical, and timing tests. The software automatically configures the oscilloscope for each test and generates an HTML report at the end of the test. This report compares the results with the specified test limit and indicates how closely the device passed or failed each test.

According to Agilent, engineers can easily debug signal-integrity issues using the N6462A software in conjunction with the Infiniium oscilloscope’s InfiniiScan multichannel and multizone triggering functions to successfully separate, read, and write data. InfiniiScan is available on Agilent’s 9000 and 90000 series oscillscopes.

The N6462A DDR4 compliance test application costs $4500.

Agilent Technologies,

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